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  • Malavika
  • April 24, 2020

The COVID pandemic has made people go through a unique transformational period, in which more than half of the world’s population is restricted from normal social life to a lockdown/quarantined mode. Hence, people spending most of their hours at home are indulging themselves in a more popular pastime – online gaming.
Gaming apps are highly rated with the most popular games having at least 50 million downloads and a million reviews. Android to IOS systems, Google Play Store and App store cater paid and unpaid games and support wide varieties/genres of games to choose from like action, adventure, sports, trivia, racing, and interestingly, even psychological thrillers.

Due to the recent turn of events, action-packed games, especially the 10-minute multi-player games, are in high demand because consumers have the chance to engage in a mental-stimulating activity and enhance team coordination skills. Analyzing Forty- Five Thousand reviews for 9 action-packed games, Bewgle aims to discover what determines crucial gaming-experience dimensions in gaming apps and why does it so?

It’s all about #Graphics

Overall Rating-4.2/5

One of the most relevant dimensions of gaming, according to analysis, is the game “Graphics”. No one prefers to play with low and botchy graphics; hence, graphics play an important role when one chooses a particular game.

The issues with graphics, which most consumers complain about, are that for low-level devices- graphics can tend to be choppy. This is why, graphics should have manual settings that can be set by the user, according to his/her preference. Another major issue is the type of phone with which the game is played. Some phones are unable to handle high-grade graphics and might end up lagging or hanging up during the game.

If one has to compare graphics on two top-grossing games- Call of duty: mobile and Kalahari Free fire. Undoubtedly, COD has the winning streak for graphic display resolution.  

Graphic Design team- its time you geared up. Some like it colourful, some like monochrome, you need to figure out, what factors the graphic updates depend upon…. to gain the winning streak.

Image Source-Screenshots from Pubg, Call of duty and Kick-flight
How do you #Control that?

Overall Rating-3.1/5

Controls form one of the basic dimensions of gaming, because of its obvious importance- if one does not know the controls, one will not be able to play. Considering gaming controls in mobile, the simplest controls are always favoured.

Some control manoeuvrings are often not as “smooth” as they seem to be, and consumers are unhappy, as they expect controls to be quick to respond. In games like WW2-warfare and COD, customers have an inclination to gaming controllers than the archaic mobile control options. It might probably be a mighty idea if gaming companies could integrate controllers for gameplay when considering the controls are extensive and not quite straightforward.

Fixed controls are not very appealing to our fellow gamers out there. They love their comfort zones and therefore seek to change controls to what they are more familiar with, like in PC games. Another great option that can be included is-customizable controls, for all those who love their comfort zones.

Image Source-Screenshots from Pubg
Which #Character do you choose?

Overall Rating-3.6/5

Games with unique characters garner much interest from gamers. Ever wondered what it would be like to be Spiderman swinging across buildings or like Wonder Woman fending off bullets with her Bracelet of Submission? This can be made possible with video games- which is why gaming characters are much loved.

Games like Free fire, Kick Flight and Marvel-contest of champions are widely popular because gamers get to try different characters with their specific skills and choose their personal favourite from the lot.

However, getting most of these characters is not an easy task, which can be depressing to consumers. Some highly graded characters might even cost a dime to procure, and thus, customers are not satisfied. Nevertheless, characters are fun and there is always more demand to add more creative characters into the game.

Image Source-Official Websites: Mobile Legends and Marvel-Contest of Champions
The #Weapon of your choice?

Overall Rating-3.2/5

Unfortunately, in most online mobile games, the weapon is seldom of the gamer’s choice. In action-shooting games like Sniper 3d or Character-based games like Mobile Legends, gamers get weapons that happen to come their way during the 10-minute survival game or ones which are specified to characters.

Consumers like to know how their weapons work, but in most games- there is no trial for testing. Food for thought-why don’t games include a Testing slot to test weapons of choice? This is something that consumers do ask for in comments.

And yes, more the weapons/guns-more the fun, is the common opinion of gamers and they have their very own list of equipment they desire to add in the game.

Image Source-Screenshots from Pubg and Kick-Flight
Man with a #Map

Overall Rating-3.3/5

Most games, the action-packed and adventure genres, have several maps to play in. Maps are another creative aspect of a game, the idea to switch between landscapes and terrains makes gameplay more exciting and intense.

The same rule of “more” applies to maps well. Gamers are always looking to play in more maps, rather than the standard two or three maps, that are usually available. The whole significance being- a new map means, a whole new arena to discover and explore.

Suggestions for new maps are predominantly asked in comments and a lot of our fellow gamers have given their choices of map themes that they would like to play in. For instance, In Kick Flight- consumers have asked for an amusement-park themed arena. Also, quite a lot of gamers did not like that the purgatory map was taken off the game, Garena Free Fire.

Gaming Publishers- for your next update, you might want to consider adding more colourful maps into the mix.

#Hacker Hiccups

Overall Rating-1.8/5

Online gaming can be very intense and levelling-up can get hard. There are a few out there, who try to take the easier way out rather than playing fair and square. This hiccup is what most gamers are displeased with and voices out “hacker” concerns in reviews.

Hacker-issues are frequently stated in popular online gaming channels like PUBG, Free Fire and COD, in which players get knocked out of games because of hacked playing. Most games have zero tolerance for such incidents, even so, after updates, there seems to be an incursion of hackers in games. Maybe a more hard and fast approach is needed to solve “Hacker issues”, as it still persists in online-gaming.

The #Gamechanger

Gone are the days, when gaming was associated with hardcore gamers. Analyzing deeper using Bewgle, we find that there are unique gamer personas.

Team players, aka folks who play together as a team, are more concerned about the game experience and lag vs Solo players, are more concerned about being matched with folks at the same level of expertise as their own for a more fair play. Mobile users, with limited screen space, were least satisfied with the controls’ experience which limited their ability to win against PC/ computer/ Xbox players with advanced controllers. They want mobile players to be matched with other mobile players to level the playing field. Mobile players also would prefer a more lightweight gaming experience on their 4G networks without needing to connect to WIFI increasing the portability of the games.

PC players love the action-packed games and the graphics but are a bit sensitive about the value for premium content. They are also concerned with hackers interrupting games and their account security. Hardcore players are completely impatient with server ping problems and would like hardcore mode for tougher challenges. Last, but not the least, there are a fair number of female gamers, who would like better female characters in the games and more moderation in the chats and discussion boards.

Game #FaceOff

Looking into product ratings, the most appealing dimension in gaming is the gaming graphics, which has done marginally well in most games. Although other dimensions need a lot of attention, a lot is expected to enhance gaming qualities in mobiles/phones. There’s a lot more listening to do… to achieve high customer satisfaction.
To sum up….

The gaming app industry is growing, and recent downloads have doubled. Since the advent of the pandemic, people crave social interactions and passably, gaming apps do render a mild social context. With more customers on board, opinions and preferences of the app have scaled. And presently, on the update side of games- there’s quite a bit to work on, to satisfy the gigantic and diverse customer base. Therefore, as the wise man says: It’s time to pay heed to the flock.

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