Comparative Study with Topic Based Ratings : Arlo vs Ring

  • Priyansha
  • October 4, 2021

The time is here when we no longer need to respond to a knock or rely on a fisheye lens to see who’s at the door! With video doorbells, you see who is at your door, even when you’re not home! Stop thieves from stealing packages from your doorstep. If not, at least identify the porch pirate! 

Smart doorbells have been around for nearly a decade. Many brands are in the market offering various features at different price points. 

At Bewgle, we have analyzed thousands of customer reviews from two top brands – Ring & Arlo. These are valuable user feedback, rich with specific details and insights. 

However, is it humanly possible to read through all of them, analyze and understand customer sentiment? Most definitely not! 

That’s where Bewgle comes into play. Our proprietary AI algorithms do all the grunt work of going through scores of customer reviews, analyzing them, and presenting the findings in easily understandable dashboards with scores and ratings. 

Not just that, our algorithms bubble up review topics by frequency, top influential factors, catchy phrases used by customers, and more.


What to look for in a video doorbell?

  • Video

Video quality is an important parameter to rate doorbell cameras on. 

The overall average rating for the category is 3.8/5, which can be considered quite satisfactory.
However, on digging deeper, we see that Arlo has a rating of 3.9/5 for video whereas Ring has only 3.5/5. This implies that consumers perceive the video quality of Arlo to be much better than Ring. 

From the Bewgle analysis, we see that video quality does not meet customer expectations:

  • The video quality has been described as “not crisp”. 
  • ‘Background glare’ has also been pointed out as a cause for poor quality.

Another important aspect that the brands must look into is ‘Subscription Services’. Many customers complain that they could not use features such as video recording without having a paid subscription.

  • Audio

Currently, most video doorbells come with built-in speakers and microphones to enable users to talk to their visitors, apart from seeing them. 

The overall average rating for the category is 3.9/5, which can be considered quite satisfactory.
However, on looking closer, we see that Arlo has a rating of 4.2/5 for audio whereas Ring has only 3.6/5. This implies that consumers perceive the audio quality of Arlo to be much better than Ring. 

Some of the issues pointed out by Ring customers are wind noise, low volume, lost audio, delay, choppiness with two-way audio. These are issues that enterprises must address to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Night vision

Night vision is an important feature that consumers consider while looking for a video doorbell. It helps in locating intruders and burglars at night. 

The overall average rating for the category is 3.9/5, which indicates that customers are quite satisfied with the experience.
However, we see that Arlo has a rating of 4.0/5 for night vision whereas Ring has 3.8/5. This implies that consumers had a better experience with Arlo than Ring. 

Customers say that night vision is not up to the mark in Ring video doorbells. They complain of both low light quality and blurry night videos. The problem seems to be with the infrared light turning on even when the porch light is on and with sufficient lighting to see into the yard. 

  • Motion detection

Motion detection is an important factor when choosing video doorbells because it is the detection that alerts customers if someone’s at their home, even when they’re not looking.

The overall rating for the category is  3.8/5, which implies that improvements are needed.
Arlo has an edge over Ring with a rating of 3.9/5. Ring video doorbell is at 3.7/5. 

Customers face the problem of receiving wrong notifications even after setting a motion detection area and setting up the difference between people and animals/things. There is also the problem of delay in video even after a motion is detected and users typically see only the second half of any activity.

To note: Without a paid subscription, users cannot access essential services. This leads to a loss of interest in the product.

  • Price

Price is a key aspect in deciding on a video doorbell. Given the variety of choices available in the market, consumers have a wide range of prices and features to pick from. 

The overall average rating for the category is 3.6/5, which can be considered as not quite satisfactory.
However, Arlo has a rating of 3.5/5 for price whereas Ring has 3.6/5. This implies that consumers are equally unhappy with the brands considering the price range.

As per Bewgle analysis, the major drawback for customers is the extra paid subscription. Customers mention it as ‘a subscription scam’! After paying a decent price for the video doorbell, they find little value for it without the extra cost of  the subscription. They believe that the subscription services must be included in the cost of the doorbell. This customer grievance could well be driving down sales.

Compare the best video doorbells


While the overall ratings of products for both the top brands – Arlo and Ring remain high at 4.0+ rating, analyzing customer reviews using Bewgle reveals many areas needing improvement. 

Arlo video doorbells have been consistently meeting customer satisfaction. 

However, on comparison, Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free has a higher rating than Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired when it comes to Price, Audio and Video

Ring video doorbells have a huge market with a variety of options in the market. At Bewgle, we analyzed three products – Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Ring Video Doorbell Wired, and Ring Video Doorbell Pro

According to the analysis, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 has the highest overall rating at 4.6 but lags significantly in Price and Night vision.

Wrap Up 

In a world filled with expectations, you need to clearly identify customer needs and expectations. Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is key to achieving core business goals.

Would you like to delight your customers with your products? Contact us to learn how we can help –

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