Understanding The Product Reviews : Asus Gaming Laptop

  • Priyansha
  • November 2, 2021

While the desktop remains supreme among PC gamers, they also need something portable. A gaming laptop is a rig on the go, with the power to play games in a portable gadget.

Gaming laptops have a lot to offer as primary gaming PCs these days. They’re not on par with the best desktop gaming PC in terms of raw performance. However, today’s notebooks are far slimmer, quieter, and more powerful than those that came before.

Many leading laptop manufacturers, DellLenovoHPAcerAsus amongst others claim to have the best-in-class specs. But do these laptops hold to their promise? Are they truly appealing to what is important to customers?

Let us look further at one of the models: ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS-Type, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, Metal, TUF506IU-ES74 

A superficial glance of the reviews of Asus TUF Gaming A15 show that this laptop has a lot to offer and at a decent price. In essence, consumers need not spend a fortune on a gaming laptop to get good performance across a multitude of disciplines. 

But are consumers only looking at specs when buying a gaming laptop? No. They look at the whole laptop! Everything from the built-in keyboard, display, price, battery, etc, too matter.

That’s where Bewgle comes into play!
Our proprietary AI algorithms go through scores of customer reviews, analyze them, and present the findings in easily understandable dashboards with scores and ratings.

Our algorithms also bubble up topics by frequency, top influential factors, catchy phrases used by customers, and more.

Top Influential Topics


  • Battery

From the review snippets gathered by Bewgle, it shows that the battery only lasts a couple of hours. Customers mention ‘poor battery life’ and think they have been tricked since the ads promise a 90WHr but they get only a 48WHr battery life. To top it, the battery also ‘drains out’ quickly when gaming with high-quality graphics.

The battery is mentioned more than 21% times in reviews and the battery factor scores only 3.5/5. This indicates that users are not satisfied with the performance.

  • Price

‘Price’ is the most frequently discussed factor of the laptop in customer reviews. It appears in 35% of the reviews.

Not only is it the most discussed factor, but it is also the most influential factor! Both frequently discussed topics and top influential topics are identified by Bewgle’s robust analysis of scores of customer reviews.

With a score of 4.3/5, it shows that customers are quite satisfied with what this laptop offers for the price. From the review snippets summarised by Bewgle, it is apparent that people think of this as a budget laptop. They mention – ‘very good performance laptop for the price tag’, ‘super awesome value for the cash’, ‘in this price category Tuf A-15 has the best deep black colour’, ‘for this price, good monitor for architectural drawing and browsing’, etc.

  • Fan 

Over 15% of the reviews discuss ‘fan’. The fan factor scores 2.8/5, which is a below-average score. The fan is an issue for this laptop’s users. ‘The fans can be loud in turbo mode’, ‘the fan makes a grinding noise sound’, ‘the jet engine fans get loud when in performance mode’, ‘then they get louder in turbo mode’, etc are snippets from user reviews.

It is normal for gaming laptops to be loud when under load, especially when performing gaming tasks that engage both the processor and graphics card. However, when doing light tasks, fan noise needs to remain low.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard topic for this laptop scores a 3.8/5 average overall rating and over 9% of the people mentioned about the keyboard.

Bewgle identified the typical phrases used by customers to describe this laptop’s keyboard:

Negative Snippets

  • Keyboard keys’ true color is clear/transparent and is painted matte black, so with usage paint will start coming off
  • After gaming, for multiple hours the right side of the keyboard gets pretty warm
  • The keyboard and keys have bad quality

Positive Snippets

  • The keyboard and touchpad are comfortable
  • The keyboard is full RGB, great feel, definitely feel more toward a low profile mechanical, is not mushy, have a distinct clicky feel
  • The keyboard feels good, it is a little bit squishy as opposed to clicky, but the keystrokes still feel good

The Face/Off

On comparing the Asus TUF Gaming A15 with Lenovo’s Legion Y540 (refer to our previous blog) Gaming Laptop, it is clear that the overall rating of the Asus TUF gaming laptop is slightly higher than that LenovoWith Bewgle’s analysis, we also see that there are differences with specific topic ratings of the two laptops.

ASUS gaming laptop is doing well in the market in most of the aspects – specifically ‘Price’ with 4.3 ratings (it is considered value for money) and ‘Battery’ feature, it significantly lags in ‘Fan’ feature with customers facing problems with the loud sound of the fan. This laptop also needs some improvement in the overall ‘Performance’ factor.
ASUS leadership must look into these specific aspects to increase customer satisfaction levels.

If you would like to understand where you could improve your product, reach out to us at info@bewgle.com

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