Secrets to the success of all natural beauty products

  • Malavika
  • March 3, 2020

The global natural/vegan/organic beauty products are on the rise. The cosmetic industry is now estimated at USD 12.9 billion dollars worldwide growing double digit year over year. We ask, “Why go Vegan or Natural or Organic? Is this just a fad or is it here to stay? ”

“I like that I am not putting anything harmful on my skin” — Customer testimonial

Using Bewgle’s Customer Analytics Software, we have analysed 13 thousand reviews from 12 leading skin care products from US and India, namely Christina Moss, 100% Pure, Plum, Just Herbs, InstaNaturals and Spirit Nest.We are out to determine: What’s all the fuss about, especially after Gwyneth Paltrow had introduced a cosmetic-line, in which, she claimed that the products were so “vegan-safe” that anyone can eat them- and she did with Jimmy Fallon in an attempt to prove so!

So let’s dive into what matters and why?

· On the ‘scent’

A large percentage of the review analysis focuses on the feature ‘scent’. Many products come up with different variations of aromas to make the product more appealing. However, quite a lot of complaints emerge around how strong the scent can be, causing mild migraines. In few products, the customers were so annoyed with the scent, that they stopped using the product altogether. This is another reason why unscented version of the products are especially popular for those with sensitive-noses.

Companies like Christina Moss who have created unscented versions of its moisturizer were applauded by customers for paying attention to their needs. Yes, there is lot more that can be done for the smell of it.

“So glad they came out with an unscented version because I didn’t like the scent of the last one.”

Customers Verdict:
Scent: Rating: 3.5/5. The low score indicates that a lot of improvement is needed to assuage their customer base of their scent-related issues.

Significance: 22%

· Know thyself!

It is not all rosy with the all natural/ vegan/ organic products. The most common misconception is that, since it’s all natural it should go well on my skin. In retrospect, this is not true.

· Customers be cautious !The frequency of irritated skin complaints or acne breakouts is much greater than expected. Mostly because skin types vary, and hence, so does the effect of the product on the skin.

· For brands out there:Using analytics software like Bewgle, brands can also make a note of how their product might or might not suit a skin type and market accordingly. If not, customers might unleash a whole lot of negative opinions for the false hopes instigated by the product’s abilities.

Personalized products are now the new-fad, for customers with sensitive or dry or oily skin, vegan or natural skin-care made uniquely for them can revolutionize the cosmetics market.

” It seemed to clog my pores and made my face break out.”

Customers Verdict:
Acne: Rating: 2.9/5, Another low rating indicates the higher percentage of acne related problems among customers.

Significance: 14.63%

· The lesser the merrier

Major cases of cancer-causing talc powders and concealers have made the consumers skeptic on what they are putting on their faces or body. Vegan or natural products, with so few ingredients that it can be counted on your fingers, is much more trustworthy than the long list of chemicals found in other beauty products.

Hence, the fewer and more natural the ingredient list is, the more a product deems to be a safer choice. Indirectly this association is correlated to high-satisfaction in consumers. For example, Awake Human’s natural skin care moisturizer uses very limited ingredients and customers were glad to find a list they can relate to.

Customers scrutinize the ingredient list and are quick to point out any chemicals or ingredients which are not natural, and the biggest complaint is that the products which are being promoted as all natural or organic, also have sometimes chemical binders or processors. Companies be aware!

“I love how simple the ingredient list is and that I can understand everything I’m reading.”

Customers Verdict:
Ingredients: Rating: 4/5, The higher rating in regards to ingredients is attributed to the fact that customers are happy with natural list of ingredients.

Significance: 10%

· They do judge a book by it cover !

On careful analysis, there is so much that meets the eyeCustomers are picky about the packaging of the product, with significant negative comments addressing the plastic packaging of the products. A major percentage of consumers expect brands to walk the talk of eco-friendly products right down to the cap with ask for more recyclable, bio-degradable and non-endocrine affecting packaging materials. Changes from jar design to Pump-bottle design, so as to avoid bacteria contamination, are some of the casual changes made to enhance the efficiency of the product. Thus, when scrutinizing customer reviews- the bottle-design and packaging are details which are in need of major upgrades to more convenient and eco-friendlier designs.

“The pumping bottle is so practical that also makes this product more appealing”

Customers Verdict:
Packing: Rating: 3.5/5. There is definitely a need for more changes to be conquered on this landscape of the product.

Significance: 2.0%


The rise of the planet of vegan/natural/organic products will continue to disrupt the beauty market. Consumers feel that if they are working hard to eat and live healthier , it is natural to extend to the products they are using on their body. However, there are still ways to go before products achieve the magical expectations of the consumers. And key to it is..listening to your consumers.

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