Finding the ‘Perfect’ sofa for your home

  • Priyansha
  • November 20, 2020

As consumers are spending more time at home, they feel the need to make their home environment more aesthetic and conducive to mental and physical well-being. Consumers are back to buying bed, sofa, and wardrobe besides spending considerably on home decor items. Of these, the most used piece of furniture is our beloved – Couch. It’s a piece of furniture where we lounge, read, work, eat and drink, entertain family and friends, watch TV and even sleep, so it makes sense that we take the time to invest in one that’s going to last for years.

                                                     Sales Trends of Sofas

Alas, buying a couch is not an easy choice. Couches come in many shapes and sizes and colors and buyers are bombarded with a myriad of choices.
After analyzing thousands of customer reviews of various brands’ couches, Bewgle curated a buying guide that will walk you through everything that you need to know to bring home a durable and comfortable piece of a couch. And we recommend some worthy brands that we have personally analyzed.

What are different types of sofa & seating arrangements?

If you’re sure about the space and size, it’s time to pick the perfect type of couch! It is important to keep in mind the decor of the living room before selecting the type of sofa because this is what will decide if it makes or breaks the look.

  • Standard or Loveseat sofa

A standard/loveseat sofa is usually 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40 inches deep. This sofa is perfect for a small to medium-sized living room. There are various types of standard sofas – single-seater, two-seater, three-seater.

  • Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas help to declutter your living room by adding more seating space without adding chairs. This sofa would be a great option if you have a big family or if you host a lot of get-togethers. It is one of the most common and modern sofa styles. Sectional sofas are available in L and U shape. Typically the most common size for a sectional sofa is 78.5 x 35 x 30.3 inches.

  • Futon

Futon sofas have a deep seat, no arms with a softback. This sofa is a good sleeping option as we can also consider this as a deep and soft mattress. This sofa is one of the most comfortable ones and looks classy.

  • Recliners 

Recliner sofas add a modern and stylish touch to your living room. A recliner is the best pick if you are looking for ultimate comfort. They help in improving the posture of your back when you are sitting.

  • Chaise lounge 

A chaise lounge is a sofa that can turn any bedroom, living room into a relaxation room. If you have a small house, you can easily take advantage of the corner of the house with a chaise lounge. The chaise lounge sofas look extremely stylish.

  • Sofa bed 

A sofa bed is essentially a sofa with more depth and is intended for lounging comfortably stretched across its length. A sofa bed transforms to lay out flat, offering a mattress-like surface to rest on. This mid-century-style sofa converts into a queen-size bed quickly and easily and is available in a variety of custom upholstery options.

Pick the right sofa for your lifestyle 

  • Choose the right kind of sofa for your space – Style & Design

The look or design of a sofa always matters to the buyers but consumers are generally expecting a combination of comfort+look. The furniture items that you buy should blend with the room decor. Sofas or couches come in many shapes and sizes. There are many styles to choose from; antique or vintage or traditional or modern. There are different types of couches; Standard sofa, Loveseat – 2 seater sofa, Sectional – L or U shaped sofa, Sofa bed or daybed etc. Sectional sofas have gained popularity in recent years because they can be set up in a wide variety of ways.

                                             Satisfactory Level

The right one for you will depend on how much space you have, how many people you want to seat, and whether you plan to use the sofa for napping, hosting guests, or even working. The ALLMODERN – 84″ Wide Square Arm Sofa is overall the best comfortable and classic look sofa which is highly recommended by the customers.

  • Consider your Budget 

                              Satisfactory Level

The price of a set of furniture is based on its quality, size, design, shipping, and other features. The good quality sofa sets can start up from approximately $300 (Best Choice Products Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed) and can go above $1500 (INFINI Reversible Sectional Sofa). Therefore, buy what you can afford. However, Luxury designer sofas aren’t necessarily built to a higher standard than more modestly priced equivalents.

The budget of a sofa also depends upon the style of a sofa whether you are looking out for a loveseat sofa or a sectional sofa or may be a futon mattress, each varying depending upon quality & fabric. If you’re hunting for a more affordable option, this sofa-ZINUS Ricardo Loveseat Sofa won’t break the bank and its classic appearance will never go out of style. The DHP 8-Inch futon mattress sofa and ALLMODERN – 84″ Wide Square Arm Sofa are the highest rated by the customers and they claimed that they are really comfortable and well-priced sofa options.

  • Look out for Quality 

Nobody wants to incur costs of maintenance and repairs shortly after buying an item. The quality of the frame, supports, cushions, and upholstery affects how long a sofa will last. Quality furniture is the one that is not wobbly and heavy. But mahogany and oak are hardwoods and these are one the best material to make furniture with but they will be heavy and tough. Thus, furniture made from them can last a long time.

                      Satisfactory Level

Also, consider the springs that hold up the cushions on a couch and they come in different qualities. The least expensive ones are the least durable. Most couches use what is known as serpentine springs -these offer good support. If you’re looking for the most comfortable couch, check out these attractive sofa types; FutonDHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress , SectionalReversible Sectional.
Quality-made pieces such as DHP 8-Inch futon mattress sofa that are built to last is not only beneficial to your space, it’s better for the environment and can save you money and stress in the long run.

  • Cushion

                              Satisfactory Level

Remember that what’s inside a sofa is just as important as what’s used on the outside. Cushions should be firm and resilient and fit snugly within the frame. Generally, you’ll find four cushion options: Poly-wrapped foam, Goose/duck down, Innerspring core, Memory foam. The cushions should regain their shape after you press down and let go. It is important to find a balance between a firm foam that is long-lasting but may be too hard, and a soft foam that is comfortable but may break down too quickly.

When it comes to the sofa back and seat, feather-filled cushions are high on comfort but they are very expensive couches and will need regular plumping, while foam or fibre fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time. A hybrid type of cushion that some experts recommend is High Resilient foam wrapped in down-and-feathers, which combines the best of durability and comfort.
Among the brands analysed the most rated – dense and comfortable cushion is of the DHP brand.

  • Which sofa fabric is the best ? 

Retailers offer a wide range of upholstery fabrics at different prices. With fabric upholstery, higher thread countsindicate a denser weave and more durable fabric. The cheapest fabrics are generally more susceptible to stretching and staining. Whether you go for a bold colour, pattern, or neutral, your choice of fabric will have a huge impact on the room. It’s particularly important if you have kids or pets, opt for a fabric that’s easy to spot clean. Natural materials may fade in strong sunlight so go for a synthetic fabric if the it will be near a window. Sofas in cotton or linen fabric, and leather sofas are classic upholstery materials that are worth investing in. Synthetic fabrics like microfiber are also great options that are durable and easy to clean.

                           Satisfactory Level

No matter what, the customers deal with bad quality fabric as they are either cheap & rough or are not a stainless fabric but according to the customer reviews, the ALLMODERN – 84″ Wide Square Arm Sofa is all you need as it is perfectly durable & comfortable and don’t even get ripped off if your pets or kids scratch them.

  • Considering Packaging ?

                           Satisfactory Level

Buying a couch online has become very convenient these days. You can get tons of varieties and easy delivery. Consumers are concerned about packaging too and they also expect companies to provide products in a sustainable packaging. Packaging design definitely matters for online shopping. The latter is meant to be an experience for the consumer, from start to finish and brands must create a positive experience in order to retain customer loyalty.

Packaging design is the finished product the consumer receives, and caps off their experience with your brand. While analyzing the different sofas, Beagle found that the wayfair couch – ALLMODERN – 84″ Wide Square Arm Sofa has been providing great packaging with fast delivery options.


Bewgle analyzed the furniture industry and found out that couches are being most-shopped by the customers and to provide you with the best quality sofa guide, bewgle dug into deeper insights. The buyers are looking for a perfect couch that can fit according to their needs whereas some brands do have some scope to improve. The overall best-rated couch by customers is the ALLMODERN – 84″ Wide Square Arm Sofa but still there can be an improvement in the cushions. The best choice products and the infini furnishings really need to improve their quality of cushions. The Reversible Sectional Infini furnishings sofa is among the best designed and good looking L-shaped sofa although it also needs to improve its quality. The DHP brand has the best quality with reasonable pricing futon mattress that you should definitely buy.


A couch is a central object in your living room, it’s a piece around which you can build your entire room. A couch isn’t just a trendy style piece, it’s a versatile piece of furniture and an investment that will last for years. So, make sure you  spend money wisely and spend your time researching. Estimate your budget and do consider all other aspects before settling on the best option. For the best price with the most generous return policy, head over to or . 
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