Comparative Study with Topic Based Ratings : De’Longhi Coffee Machines Vs Competitors

  • Priyansha
  • February 24, 2022

Coffee is a popular beverage known for its ability to boost your energy levels as well as fine-tune your focus.

In fact, many people depend on their morning cup to start their day on a great note.

For people who require a cup of coffee (or two… or three) to get going in the morning, having the right machine to make that possible is very important. In today’s digital world, customers are constantly looking for insights into the brands they can trust before they decide to purchase. 

Coffee machines come with a hefty price tag, so before buying, customers not only look into different types of machines and their features but also go through customer reviews on various platforms. So, it’s crucial for coffee machine brands to know what their customers are saying about the machines. 

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about the various types of coffee machines available in the market.

At Bewgle, we have analyzed hundreds of customer reviews from top brands – De’Longhi (De’Longhi EC685M Dedica Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine, 1, Metallic & De’Longhi ECP3220W 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Advanced Cappuccino System) vs Competitors (Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine  & Gevi Espresso Machines 15 Bar Fast Heating Cappuccino Coffee Maker). While these are valuable user feedback, rich with specific details and insights, it is humanly impossible to read through all of them, analyze and understand customer sentiment.

That’s where Bewgle comes into play. Our proprietary AI algorithms do all the grunt work of going through scores of customer reviews, analyzing them, and presenting the findings in easily understandable dashboards with scores and ratings. 

Not just that, our algorithms bubble up review topics by frequency, top influential factors, catchy phrases used by customers, and more.

  • Price

    A coffee maker that’s loaded with special features costs more than a basic machine. The pricing of the coffee machine depends upon the different model types. If consumers are looking for an affordable coffee machine, they opt for the single boiler dual use machine. Semi automatic and fully automatic coffee maker machines are comparatively expensive and need a bigger budget.

On comparing the De’Longhi coffee machines with the competitors, we could find that the overall ratings were the same i.e 3.7/5, which is considered to be an average score rating. It indicates that customers are somewhat satisfied with the product’s price range but are still looking for more value for money.  

Products: De’longhi
Products: De’Longhi
Products: Philips & Gevi
Products: Philips & Gevi


  • Cleaning

    Maintenance is an important decision maker for consumers when it comes to coffee machines. Different machines have different cleaning demands, so the users need to think about how much time they can invest in this before they make a decision to buy a coffee machine.
    A suitable cleaning mechanism will differ for everyone, so brands need to make sure to provide a super easy, quick & comfortable cleaning mechanism. 

According to the Bewgle analysis, cleaning process hasn’t been a delightful experience for the customers. The De’Longhi machines have an overall rating of 3.2/5, whereas the competitor machines have an overall rating of 3.7/5. This clearly indicates that all these brands are ranked average in terms of cleaning. Not only that, the competitors are providing better cleaning mechanisms than De’Longhi. 

Negative customer testimonials for maintenance  


Little bit of a hassle to remove the screw every time you want to give the espresso cup a deep cleaning.

Removing the filter from the filter holder is a bit of a chore until you note the small slot by the handle that allows you to get one of your broken fingernails into it to pry off the filter for cleaning.

Competitors (Philips & Gevi)

For the cleaning – the milk container doesn’t align between the black plastic and the silver outer ring which causes a gap and is very hard to clean.

I have followed all cleaning and maintenance instructions since I first received it. I have used the Phillips Coffee Oil Cleaning tablets (yes, that’s a real thing) and it hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference. Given this cost me $800 I would expect a greater level of customer satisfaction. If I have to buy a new machine, I won’t go near any Phillips products going forward. Absolutely do not recommend spending your hard earned cash on this piece of junk.

  • Quality

    The quality of a product matters a lot to the customers. A good quality machine defines its durability. Machines made out of metals last longer and would also effectively uphold heat. However the quality of the frother, grinder, steamer, etc also matters.

As per the Bewgle analysis, De’Longhi coffee makers are not providing high quality standards as compared to the competitors. De’Longhi coffee makers have an overall sentiment score of 3.3/5, indicating that the customers are not satisfied with the experience. These are some of the adjectives used by the customers: bad, questionable, disappointing, average, not great, etc.
On the other hand the competitors have an overall sentiment score of 3.9/5, which shows that while customers are satisfied with the overall quality, they are still wanting some improvements. 

Some customer review samples for De’Longhi machine quality

One can easily end up with not enough steamed milk, confusingly following the not user-friendly DeLonghi guide/manual and ending up with not good, frequently over-burned coffee. Also frequently the operation leads to over-boiled water and not allowing to proceed further making coffee unless you turn the machine off and wait to cool down. Even when using one of the best coffee grinder beans sold on the market today, the coffee made is of questionable quality for the price of this makeover $300.

I’ll get a refund and buy something else. There seems to be a much higher fraction of discontent clients than I would expect if it is a generic problem, not my bad luck. The build quality seems generally not so great which could be the cause of my problem.

Great espresso machine if you just want a fast espresso of decent quality with or without the steamed milk of your preference. Have had it a few months and no issues as of yet.

Competitor review samples 

It Is Super Easy To Use And Very Consistent In Providing High Quality – From The First Latte Until Now

I’m very impressed with the quality of the steamed milk and foam. Highly recommended!

Good product however the grinder seems low quality so concerned about durability.

The quality seemed Of low grade, the power button Is broken. The only way to turn off The coffee maker is to unplug it from the wall because the power button Is broken.

  • Frother

If consumers enjoy steamed milk in their coffee or a frothy cappuccino, they need a good quality steamer or frother. Nowadays, most espresso makers have these built-in, but many brands offer separate standing frothers as well.

As computed by Bewgle, the overall rating of the De’Longhi frothers is 3.7/5 whereas the competitor frothers have an overall rating of 3.3/5. This shows that customers are not fully satisfied with the competitors’ product features. De’Longhi is comparatively meeting the standards in the market but still there are areas of improvement. 

  • Sample snippets 

Brews A Great Espresso, Great Size For A Small Kitchen, Frother Is Not The Best But Will Do For The Price.

The frother is also very easy to use, it makes my coffee just like the ones found at coffee shops. I can’t get my froth as creamy as in the pictures yet. Maybe I’m not using the right type of milk or cream.

The problem with this machine is that once you use the frother, you have to turn the machine on and off to get it to brew the coffee. I sent it back and don’t recommend it to anybody.

I really liked this but 3 days after purchasing the milk frother started leaking and I unfortunately had to return.

  • Sample snippets 

I Love The Frother – Definitely A Huge Improvement Over Cheaper Machines We Have Bought In Past Years.

The Milk Frother Is A Stand Out Feature Other Quality Machines Do Not Offer.

Everything is really good except for the milk frother, milk does not end up being hot, so the overall result is a warm cup of coffee.

Also, when working, the milk frother gives you no froth-basically heats your drink and is mostly flat. Uses a lot of coffee. Probably double what we had been using. It does taste good if you get it to come out right. Overall so disappointed. We splurged shame on us.

The Face Off

The overall ratings of products for the brands – De’Longhi, Philips & Gevi remain high at 4.0+ rating. However Bewgle analysis of customer reviews reveals many areas of improvement. 

Philips being a major competitor has been meeting customer satisfaction levels and is at par with all the other brands. Gevi coffee maker has been rated the highest for quality & cleaning. 

De’Longhi coffee machines have overall ratings above 4.0+ but still points out some areas of improvement. Moreover, the quality & steamer features are below satisfactory.

If you would like to understand how your customers are viewing your brand, please contact us at

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