Comparative Study with Topic Based Ratings : Beardo Vs Bombay Shaving Company

  • Priyansha
  • December 17, 2021

Even ten years ago, when it came to men’s grooming, it would have been hard to convince the average man to use more than a single block of soap to look after himself from top to toe.

Today, a daily personal care routine is becoming more the norm, with a lot of new & sophisticated grooming products launching every year.

The contemporary man loves to flaunt his glowing and subtle skin as well. Whether it’s for style, hygiene, or self-care purposes, taking good care is nothing less than essential in today’s day and age. It not only improves appearance but can also help boost confidence and improve grooming habits.

Although this industry is growing, do you know how these products are doing in the market ?

At Bewgle, we have analyzed thousands of customer reviews from two top brands – Beardo & Bombay Shaving Co. While these are valuable user feedback, rich with specific details and insights, it is humanly impossible to read through all of them, analyze and understand customer sentiment.

That’s where Bewgle comes into play. Our proprietary AI algorithms do all the grunt work of going through scores of customer reviews, analyzing them, and presenting the findings in easily understandable dashboards with scores and ratings. 

Not just that, our algorithms bubble up review topics by frequency, top influential factors, catchy phrases used by customers, and more.

  • Charcoal kit 

Activated charcoal seems to be a buzzword in beauty and healthcare. There are charcoal face masks, charcoal face washes, charcoal scrubs, charcoal toothpastes, toothbrushes, detoxifying juices, and what have you. 

The Bombay Shaving Company mentions that their charcoal facial starter kit is stuffed with the excellent scope of charcoal healthy skin basics for an exhaustive shallow scrub.

The Beardo company states that their dirty charcoal combo contains the best charcoal face wash in India for men which suits all skin types when removing dirt, dust, oil, and toxins. 

As computed by Bewgle, the overall rating of the  Bombay Shaving Company is 4.0/5 whereas, Beardo kit has an overall rating of 4.5/5. This shows that customers are more satisfied with Beardo’s The Dirty Charcoal Kit. 

On analysing closely, we see that Beardo is rated better for packaging and notice difference, and the Bombay Shaving Company charcoal kit is rated better for quality & price.

  • Beard oil 

Let’s take a look at which brand’s beard oil is considered better by customers and what they have liked or disliked about the products and how they have included them in their grooming routine.

The overall rating of Beardo’s oil is higher than Bombay Shaving Company by 0.3 points, having 4.0/5 & 3.7/5 ratings respectively. However, on looking closer, we see that the topic based ratings of Bombay Shaving Company’s beard growth oil are higher than Beardo’s. 

  • Notice Difference 

The beard oil is not going to suddenly boost hair growth and users won’t wake up with a thick, full beard overnight. However, as beard oil nourishes the hair, it prevents split ends and helps the hair follicle to become stronger.

The notice difference of Beardo’s products are not satisfactory and has an overall rating of 2.8/5. Customers mention that even after using it for a month or two there are no positive effects on the growth. 

However, Bombay Shaving Company products show a better difference and an overall rating of 3.4/5 [better than Beardo, but below average].   

  • Smell

As per the Bewgle analysis, there is only a marginal difference in the smell sentiment of both the brands. Both have a major positive feedback and their overall ratings are greater than 4.0/5.

  • Price

Comparing price with value and perceived cost is the best method to build customer satisfaction. It is observed that consumers are willing to purchase a product if the perceived values are higher than product cost. 

Bombay Shaving Company has an edge over Beardo with a rating of 3.3/5. Beardo’s price factor is rated at 3.2/5. There is negligible difference between the two.

Positive testimonials by customers

Bombay Shaving Company
  • “After using numerous Bombay Shaving products, I finally decided to invest in a full bundle kit. It allows me to save a couple of bucks plus I can treat my face well using different products.”
  • “A good quality product for our grooming purposes, it gives a good shining appearance to our beard and it facilitates growth of beard, results within weeks and a value for money product.”
  • “Value for money, it is the best product for hair growth and hair smoothening.”
  • “Worth every penny! Products are very good and suitable to my skin..thank you BEARDO”

Negative testimonials by customers

  • “Please don’t waste money on these , if you want to give it a shot , you can but don’t expect drastic changes from it . It didn’t work on me.”
  • “Waste product, no effect on beard. I have used it for 30 days but the result is zero so i request all customers pls don’t buy this product useless ,totally waste money.” 
Bombay Shaving Company
  • “No response 2 bottles use kar li or to or itni buri smell awkkk plzzz don’t buy money time both waste sir dard kar dene wali smell baki your money your choice.”
  • Don’t buy ….. completely a waste of money.. peel off mask starts skin irritation… And I have been using since 3 weeks and there is no results
The Face Off


The overall ratings of products for both the top brands – Beardo and The Bombay Shaving Company remain high at 4.0+ rating, analyzing customer reviews using Bewgle reveals many areas needing improvement. 

Beardo’s products have been consistently meeting customer satisfaction. Beardo’s charcoal combo has been rated the highest and customer satisfaction level in most of the product features are also above average. 

Bombay Shaving Company’s beard growth oil points out some areas of improvement – it’s overall rating is the least compared to the other brands. Moreover, the price & notice difference features are also below satisfactory.

Would you like to delight your customers with your products? Contact us to learn how we can help –

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