Collectus: The Best Alternative To SPR !!

  • Malavika
  • October 9, 2020

In the pandemic (COVID-19), every business is going through trouble, trying to survive in the market with an experiment of various marketing strategies. The people are very conscious about their routine needs and activities, Due to the sudden change in lifestyle. In the goods and services purchasing, the customer’s psychology is also changing.
Collectus is the best alternative to get detailed feedback of the end customers about your products and services, compared to any other platform.

  • What is Collectus

It is the advanced technology-based Smart Review App, specially designed and developed by the expert designers and developers. It boosts the sales of each and every business and helps them to achieve their business goals in this pandemic and post-pandemic situation.

  • How  Collectus Works 

It collects the reviews, feedbacks, sort outs them as per categories- negative or positive reviews, analyzes the sales data monthly, and displays the positive reviews in a structured manner. Based on monthly data analysis, you can plan strategies, update production plans, change the marketing and branding approach.It helps to understand what the exact demand of your customers is and how you can fulfil that.

  • Why Choose Collectus Only 

  1. Widgets
                                        Widgets                                    SPRCollectus
Auto Installation Of Widgets
Rating And Review Widgets
SEO Ready Ratings And Snippets
  1. Reviews
                                      Reviews                                              SPR  Collectus
Automatic Review RequestX
Unlimited Product Review Requests
Review Analytics DashboardX
Custom Review FormX
Reviews For Past OrdersX
Photos With Verified ReviewsX
Import & Export Reviews
Review Management & Monitoring
Respond To Reviews
Like/Dislike A ReviewX
Share Reviews On Social SitesX
Back Link Reviews To OrdersX
Reviews Across Product BundlesX
Notifications For New Reviews
Review Look And Feel Customization
  1. Emails
                                                Emails                            SPRCollectus
Custom Delay For Each Feedback EmailX
Designer Email TemplatesX
Full Feature Email Editor For PersonalizationX
Reminder EmailsX
  1. Miscellaneous
                                          Miscellaneous                           SPRCollectus
Automatic Support For Non-English LanguagesX
Custom Forms Response SummaryX
Customer BrandingX


Collectus is the only Smart Review App that gives more features in its free version compared to others. It is a user-friendly, effective B2B platform to enhance business sales in any crisis situation.
Install the Collectus review app from Shopify – to grow your business!
Contact us at to get started.

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