Are Laptops meeting their promise?

  • Malavika
  • August 31, 2020

In the era of post-COVID, laptops have become an essential product for everyone. Be it for office workers who are now working from home and need a reliable laptop as a work tool or for a student continuing his or her education via virtual classes or retirees ordering basic staples online or families now highly dependent on digital products for entertainment and keeping in touch with friends and family. Of the many uses, the use of laptops for entertainment has skyrocketed with limits on activities one can perform due to social distancing.

Many leading manufacturers of laptops, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple amongst others claim to have the best in class specs. But do these laptops hold true to their promise? Are they truly appealing to what is important to customers?

Let us hear it directly from the customer’s who have bought  Lenovo Legion Y540 9th Gen Intel core i5 15.6 inch FHD Gaming Laptop(8GB/1TB SSD/Windows 10/MS Office/4GB NVIDIA GTX1650 Graphics/Black/2.3Kg), 81SY00C7IN

These are people who have bought the laptop with their hard-earned money, used it, and then have come on Internet forums to tell what they think about this laptop. These are valuable user feedback, rich with specific details. There’re lots of insights to be gained simply by going through them. However, is it humanly possible to read through them, analyze and understand customer sentiment? Most definitely not. That’s where Bewgle comes into play. Our proprietary AI algorithms do all the grunt work of going through scores of customer reviews, analyzing them, and presenting the findings in easily understandable dashboards with scores and ratings. Not just that, our algorithms bubble up topics by frequency, top influential factors, catchy phrases used by customers, and more.

Let’s dive into what the customers have to say about Lenovo’s Legion Y540 gaming laptop.

  • Value for money

Over 25% of the reviews discuss the price of the laptop. Not only is it the most frequently discussed factor, it is also the most influential factor (see image below) when it comes to customer reviews. Both frequently discussed topics and top influential topics are identified by Bewgle after analyzing scores of customer reviews.

Customers are often pleased with what this laptop offers for the price. From the review snippets summarised by Bewgle, it is apparent that people think of this as a budget laptop and are happy with its looks, configuration, display, build quality, various hardware elements in spite of it being a budget laptop.

  • Gaming

Gaming earns a decent rating of 3.9/5. Bewgle identified the typical phrases used by customers to describe this laptop – “Super Gaming Laptop”, “Best Professional Looking Gaming Laptop”. In a nutshell, that pretty much summarises what customers who bought this gaming laptop think about it. However, while many customers are super pleased with the performance, speed, multi-tasking capabilities especially as a budget gaming laptop, some don’t think this laptop is meant for heavy gaming.

  • Looks

What really stands out from the review analysis about this laptop’s appearance is how pleased its customers are with its sleek looks. The typical satisfaction is with how professional the laptop looks and that it does not look like a clunky gaming laptop.

  • Battery

While reviews reveal that customers only seem to have a realistic expectation of battery performance from a gaming laptop, they are still disappointed with the battery on this one. Some of the common phrases used to describe the battery as picked out by Bewgle are “Poor Battery Backup”, “Worst Battery Backup”, “Bad Battery Life”.

From the review snippets gathered by Bewgle, it looks like the battery only lasts a couple of hours even for regular laptop use, i.e., when not even used for gaming. Some who use the laptop on ‘hybrid mode’ seems to think the battery is reasonably good and lasts about 5 hours.

That said, the interesting thing is since customers seem to understand the toll gaming takes on battery, though the battery is spoken of more than 21% times in reviews, it is not an influential factor. While the battery factor scores only 2.3/5, it doesn’t appear in the top 20 influential factors for this laptop. See pic above.

  • Heating

Similarly, while heating is an issue that bothers this laptop’s users, it doesn’t show up as an influential factor. There are complaints about the laptop heating up too much – some customers found it too hot to handle, literally. The manual control of the fans is missing in this laptop, much to the chagrin of the customers, and has led to negative sentiments. The CPU temps going to as high as 96°C and on running stress tests like AIDA64, customers have found a significant thermal throttling, about 45%. There have been recommendations to use a cooling pad to keep the laptop cool.

In spite of all that, overall satisfaction with the laptop is high and the laptop scores a cool 4.3/5 average overall rating among its customers.

  • Marketing

Now, let’s look at Lenovo’s tagline for the Legion Y540 9th gen laptop. It is ‘Laptop gaming, further evolved.’ Then they lead with the description, ‘Latest generation processing and graphics.’ We have already seen what customers think about this laptop for gaming. Let’s also check to see if they associate this laptop with processing and graphics. Both ‘performance’ and ‘graphic’ appear in the top influential topics. See the image above.
However, they are not the leading factors. “Performance’ appears in about 12% of customer reviews, and ‘Graphic’ only in about 4% of reviews. The good news though is both ‘performance’ and ‘graphic’ enjoy very high customer rating as per Bewgle’s analysis. Though not huge factors, when spoken about, they are rated highly. Both factors score a cool 4.4/5. Some of the highlights about graphics from customer reviews are “Gtx Gb Graphic Card”, “Excellent Dedicated Graphic”, “Very High Graphic”.

This table compares Lenovo’s descriptions as against Bewgle’s review ratings:

Lenovo DescriptionBewgle’s Customer Review RatingScore
Latest generation processing and graphicsPerformance appears 12% of the time4.4/5
Graphics appears 4% of the time4.4/5
Customizable configurations availableConfiguration only appears 1% of the time
But not in the context of customization, just as a passing discussion about the default configuration
Full size white backlit keyboard with less than 1 ms response timeAppears 7.5% of the time3.6/5
26mm thin for easy portability‘Design’ appears 7% of the time4.3/5
‘Look’ appears 8% of the times4.7/5

In conclusion, given that ‘Price’ is the biggest factor in choosing this laptop, Lenovo needs to look at their messaging keeping that factor in mind. This laptop is mostly thought of as a budget gaming laptop, which if included in the communication and promotion would appeal to much larger audiences.

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